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The Adoptable Pets page may not be up to date from February 1st until February 3rd, 2016.


Adoptable Pets

Stray vs. Given Up: An animal that arrives as a STRAY must remain at Animal Control for a minimum of five business days before it can go home with an adopter. This gives its original owners a chance to locate their pet. A stray animal can be adopted at any point during this period; adoption fees will be refunded if a stray animal is returned to its owner. Animals coming in as GIVEN UP (with proof) by their owners are not subject to the stray holding period.
If you lost your pet, please look on both this page and the "Rescue/Redemption" page. If you see your lost pet on either page, please visit our REDEMPTION page for information on hours, fees, and what you'll need to bring with you to have the animal released to you. If you have questions about the redemption process please call (410) 222-8900.
If you are interested in adopting an animal, please visit our ADOPTION page for information on hours, fees, and adoption requirements. We do not have past history on STRAY pets; we do not know if they are good with children, good with other pets, etc. All adopted pets are spayed/neutered before leaving.
Adoption is first-come, first-served. Animals on this list may already be adopted and waiting out their stray holding period. Please call (410) 222-8900 to check on availability. We will not hold pets based on phone calls. Ages and breeds are based on the evaluation of kennel technicians.
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Cat HeadshotLived with cats
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Dog and Cat HeadshotLived with dogs and cats
This animal is adoptable through one of our rescue partners. The adoption process for these pets is the same as for all other animals up until the point that you have visited with the animal and decided to adopt. At that time, please talk to a shelter front desk employee or a shelter volunteer, who will explain how to contact a rescue group to complete the adoption process.
 SponsoredIf an animal's picture is marked "sponsored" this means his/her regular adoption fees have been paid for already therefore s/he is available to approved adopters for free. Individuals interested in sponsoring a particular animal can inquire about this process here at the shelter. 
In FosterIf an animal's picture is marked "in foster" this means s/he is not currently physically in the shelter.  If you are interested in this animal please contact the shelter to inquire about how to meet or adopt this pet.  
Please select an animal below to see who is available in this category (may take a moment to load).
Adoptable Pets

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