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Snow and Ice Control Information

The Bureau of Highways is dedicated to insuring the safety of the traveling public while providing timely service to our citizen and business communities during inclement weather by planning and executing our winter operation activities on more than 6,700 County-maintained roads and streets.

Winter Preparations - Winter activities related to snow and ice control include plowing snow from roadways and shoulders, and responsibly applying deicing chemicals to main and collector roads and isolated icy spots to facilitate snow plowing.  Preparation for these activities begins in the summer.  READ MORE

What to Expect- In winter months, as soon as snow begins to accumulate, equipment is dispatched to service main and collector roadways. Main and collector roads will be plowed to bare pavement. Our next priority will be insuring each community road is passable. Passable means that although the road may be snow-covered or snow-packed, at least one travel lane will be accessible with a front-wheel drive car. All-weather tires are a must. If our snowplow driver determines that your street meets our definition of passable, no further service will be provided. READ MORE

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Help Us Serve You Better – How residents and businesses can help make our jobs safer and easier during a winter storm.READ MORE  

Need Assistance?  Help is just a click or a phone call away! READ MORE


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