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Anne Arundel County Forms


Animal Control Forms,  Brochures and Applications

A person may not operate a pet shop without obtaining a pet shop license. The annual fee to be paid to the County for a pet shop license is $250.00. A copy of a valid certificate of use is required from zoning for this permit.
A dog fancier is an individual who owns or keeps in the individual's private residence, or in adjoining quarters or elsewhere on the premises, more than four dogs, four months of age or older, at any one location within Anne Arundel County. Applicants must show proof that the property meets the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance at 27-4-104(a) that requires a minimum property size of 25,000 square feet to keep 5 or 6 dogs and a minimum of 40,000 square feet to keep 7 dogs (plus an additional 5,000 square feet for each dog above 7), that each dog is currently vaccinated against rabies, and has a current County dog license. Applicants may contact Zoning Enforcement at (410) 222-7447 to request a letter of zoning approval.
A person may not operate a grooming parlor without obtaining a grooming parlor license. The annual fee to be paid to the County for a grooming parlor license is $60.00. A copy of a valid certificate of use is required from zoning for this permit.
Every person in the business of buying, selling, breeding or boarding animals shall secure a commercial license. A copy of a valid certificate of use is required from zoning for the permit.

Board of Appeals Forms

Notice of Appeal Form (Automated Fill-in Form)
Notice of Appeal Form (Print out this form)

Board of Elections Forms

Sign up to be an Election Judge

Finance Forms

For a request for refund of the stormwater remediation fee, evidence to be provided shall be anything you believe will assist the County in making a determination on your request. Such evidence shall include, but is not limited to, documentation that shows that the fee was erroneously, illegally, or wrongfully assessed, such as: impervious area calculations, proof that a property was classified incorrectly for purposes of the fee, proof that property is not subject to the fee, or proof of a mathematical error (which may include incorrect application of a cap or phase in). For more specific information for specific scenarios relevant to your property type, refer to the stormwater remediation fee appeal form relevant to the situation and provide the documentation set forth in that form as well.  Request for refund of a tax, fee, charge, interest or penalty

Submittal Documents

Building Permits
Building Permit Application Icon: PDF (8 1/2" x 11")
Critical Area Worksheet Icon: PDF to accompany site plan  (8" x 14")
Standard Grading Plan Icon: PDF (where grading permit not required) 
Grading Permits
Storm Drain Checklist (PDF Icon: PDF or Excel )
Roads Checklist (PDF Icon: PDF or  Excel)
Logging Permit  (you will be directed to an external website)
Standard Grading Plan Procedures Icon: PDF (Not associated with a building permit)
Trade Permits
Licensing - Amusement
Licensing - Carnival, Circus and Parade
Licensing - Mobile  Homes
Licensing - Trade 
Licensing - Other
Storm Drain Checklist PDF Icon: PDF or Excel )
Zoning Enforcement
Code Compliance
Freedom of Information Requests


Liquor Board Instructions and Forms

Information to be submitted for Alcoholic Beverage License:

Fingerprinting Services - Must provide Liquor Board ORI #MD920494Z and Agency Authorization #9400076313 to fingerprinting provider









Personnel Forms

Planning and Zoning Forms



Cultural Resources
Development Division
Long Range Planning Division
Research Division
Transportation Division
Zoning Division

Police Online Forms

Alarm Registration Form (you will be re-directed to a external page)


Public Information Office

Public Information Act Form Icon: PDF - Request to Inspect or receive copies of public records
Please mail the form to the Director of Communications, Arundel Center, Box 2700, Annapolis, MD 21404)


Department of Public Works' Forms


Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee Appeals

The Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works established an appeals review process for property owners that believed they were assessed the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee incorrectly.  Please download the appropriate form and return to: WPRF Appeals.  The deadline to submit an appeal for review is August 15.  

Anne Arundel County DPW

2662 Riva Road

MS 7310

Annapolis, MD 21401

WPRF Appeals Forms 

Appeal of the Stormwater Remediation Fee Residential Properties 

Exempt / Unimproved Property - Incorrect Property Owner

Financial Hardship

Incorrect Billing Category

HOA, Civic or Community Association, Council of Condominium Owners

Mathematical Error or Wrong Impervious Surface Area Calculation

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