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County Executive Steve Schuh Proposes Legislation to Forward Fund Crofton High School, George Cromwell Elementary

Publish Date: 01/28/2016

Bills Would Speed Up Time Table for Both Capital Projects


Annapolis, MD (January 28, 2016) – Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh today announced legislation to forward fund designs for the new Crofton Area High School and George Cromwell Elementary Revitalization capital projects.

“Accelerating school construction is a major priority of my administration,” said Schuh. “This legislation will help both of these projects become a reality in a shorter period of time."

“Our school system continues to work collaboratively with the County Executive and County Council to improve the educational environment for all of our children,” schools Superintendent George Arlotto said. “The forward funding of these two projects would allow us to eliminate down time and continue forward movement on two projects that are essential to that goal.”

The legislation would increase the funding in the FY 2016 budget for the new Crofton Area High School capital project by $500,000, and George Cromwell Elementary School by $250,000. The increased investment will allow the current contractors, GWWO Inc. and HMC Inc., to continue with their survey and planning work.  The forward funding would speed up the time tables for both projects.

The bills will be introduced at the County Council meeting on February 1st. All proposed funding would be subject to Council approval.


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