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Anne Arundel County GIS data download


By acceptance of the GIS material, you agree as follows: The GIS material (the “material”) is made available by Anne Arundel County, Maryland (the “County”) as a public service. The material is for reference purposes only, and the County makes no representatives, warranties, or guarantees of the accuracy of the material.


You release the County, its agents, servants, and employees, from any and all liability related to the material or any of it, including its accuracy, availability, use, and misuse. In no event shall the County be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damages, including savings, profits, fees, costs, loss of data, or business interruption, related in any way to the material or any of it, including its accuracy, availability, use, and misuse. The material is in the public domain and may be copied without permission. Citation to the source is requested. Any errors or omissions in the material should be reported to the Anne Arundel County Office of Information Technology Geographic Information Services Group.

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Welcome to the Anne Arundel County GIS data download site. We make available a series of data layers collected from various departments throughout the county. These layers are posted for free and updated per the date listed as new information becomes available. Data is provided in zipped ESRI shapefile format using the NAD_1983_StatePlane_Maryland_FIPS_1900_Feet projection.

For questions or comments gis@aacounty.orgData Disclaimer
Anne Arundel County GIS Data - Click on the layer name below to download ZIP file
           Address Points - December 2015
           Anne Arundel County Boundary - 2011
           Bog Wetlands - 2004
           Bog 100 ft Buffer - 2004
           Bog 300 ft Buffer - 2004
           Bog Contributing Drainage Areas - 2004
           Bog Protected Streams - 2004

           Bridges Polygon - 2015

           Building Footprints - 2011
           BWI 4-mile District
           Councilmanic Districts - November 2014

           Critical Area - 2013

           Critical Area Buffer Exemption Areas - October 2013
           Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Tiles - 2011
           Digital Elevation Model (DEM) LiDAR Mosaic Web Service - 2011
           Fences - 2007
           Fire Stations - August 2011
           Glen Burnie Town Center
           Growth Tiers - Adopted 6/17/2013
           Hydrants - July 2015
           Impervious Surface - 2011
           Land Cover - 2011
           Land Use (2009 General Development Plan) - 2009
           Odenton Growth Management Area
           Open Water - 2011


           Parks - November 2015
           Parole Growth Management Area

           Paths - 2015

           Piers Poly - 2015
           Points of Interest - September 2015
           Priority Funding Areas - April 2013
           Rails - 2010
           Road Edges - 2011
           Road Edges (polygon) - 2011
           School Impact Fee Zones
           Sewer MainsJuly 2015
           Sewer ManholesJuly 2015
           Sewer Service Areas - Effective December 8, 2014
           Sewer Timing Categories - Effective December 8, 2014
           Sidewalks - 2011
           Small Area Planning Boundaries - 2007
           Sports Fields - 2015
           Storm CulvertsOctober 2015
           Storm Field ConnectionsOctober 2015
           Storm InletsOctober 2015
           Storm ManholesOctober 2015
           Storm OutfallsOctober 2015
           Storm PipesOctober 2015
           Streams - May 2011

           Street Centerlines - December 2015

           Sustainable Community Areas - February 2015
           Swimming Pools - 2015
           Subdivision Activity - Updated Monthly
           Sub-watersheds - April 2011
           Tax Assessment Districts - September 2005
           Topo Contours 2 ft - 2011
           Trails - November 2015
           Transportation Impact Fee Zones - 2010
           Transportation Zones - 2010
           Voter Precincts - October 2013
           Water MainsJuly 2015

           Water Pressure Zones - Effective December 8, 2014

           Water Timing Categories - Effective December 8, 2014
           Watersheds - April 2011

           Zoning Adopted - December 2015

Other sources for GIS data:
           State Highway Administration (SHA)
           Maryland Department of Natural Resources
           Maryland iMAP
           United States Geological Survey (USGS)

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