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Police Cadet


Cadet Position Information:
The Anne Arundel County Police Cadet Program is a part-time paid position intended for young adults with aspirations to become police officers by the age of 21. Police cadets are uniformed civilian employees who work approximately 24-40 hours per week in a variety of assignments around the department. Cadets in the program help accomplish the mission of the police department while contributing to the function of its various units.
Minimum requirements:
U.S. Citizen, at least 18 years of age with intent to apply for police officer position at 21 years of age, H.S. Diploma or GED, valid driver’s license.
** No Felony or Serious Misdemeanor Convictions.
How to Apply:
The allotted cadet slots are currently full.  For further information or to be added to the waiting list, interested applicants may contact the Anne Arundel County Police Recruitment Section via email at or call (410) 222-8677.
What is the starting salary?
  • $12 per hour with a max of 1500 hours per year.
What does the application process consist of?
  •  The application process consists of submission of an application, an oral panel interview and a thorough background investigation.  
 What are some of the things that police cadets do while on the job?
  • Police Cadets provide support to the units they work in by assisting with criminal data collection, traffic direction, evidence grid searches, attend training, ride-a-longs, etc.  
Can I go to school (college) and still be a cadet?
  • Cadets are encouraged to continue their studies while working at the Anne Arundel County Police Department. Cadet work schedules are extremely flexible and include both day and evening availability.
Please call the Recruitment Hotline at (410) 222-8677 or email at

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