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Police Officer

Police Officer

October 30, 2015




Minimum requirements:
 U.S. Citizen, at least 21 years old at the time of graduation from the academy, H.S. Diploma or GED, valid driver’s license.
** No Felony or Serious Misdemeanor Convictions.
Police Officer Applicant Information
Dear Police Officer Applicant:
Processing Schedule:
You must have the above forms submitted to Police Personnel ASAP. The final due date for PHS booklets will be your scheduled oral interview date.
Anne Arundel County Police Department
Personnel Section
8495 Veterans Highway
Millersville, MD 21108
Your points of contact for this process are Senior Special Investigator Chanel Bastfield at 410-222-3156 or Special Investigator Mr. Ashby Keen at 410-222-8673 between 0800 and 1600, Monday thru Friday.
Police Personnel Fax -  410-222-8678
You will not be permitted to continue in the process if you do not submit the forms by ​your scheduled oral interview date. 
Guidelines for the Preparation of Personal History Statement Booklet (PHS)
The correct preparation of this booklet is essential to your successful processing for the position of Police Officer with our Agency.
If you do not follow the directions, which are listed on pages 2 through 5 of the booklet, as well as the “specific” directions listed in some of the subject fields, your processing could be stopped.
The document section (Page 5) lists the documents that you need to supply us. You must also provide us with official high school, college, and police academies attended transcripts. These transcripts are to be sent directly to the Police Department at the address listed on the bottom of Page 4, to the attention of Mr. Tom Vernon. If you have problems obtaining copies of some of these documents, you need to make a notation in the left hand margin of the Document Section on Page 5, and then have them sent at a later date.
On Pages 11 and 12, we ask for six references, please make sure you include all six. The correct completion of this booklet is critical to the successful completion of your background investigation as mandated by the Maryland Police Training Commission. Every section of the booklet should have some kind of an answer, whether it is unknown, not applicable, no, or yes and in most cases any affirmative answers will require an explanation someplace in the booklet. If more space is needed for your answers, you will find sufficient space in the back of the booklet.
The employment section requires that you give us EVERY EMPLOYMENT you have ever had to include part-time security or any other part-time employment, full-time employment, and any type of voluntary activity you have been involved in. Be sure to include the exact address and current or prior supervisor’s names and a phone number where we can contact them, (this section is very critical).
At your current assignment, we want you to give us your Supervisor’s names and direct phone number, and any other prior supervisors you can provide, (again this helps to expedite your background investigation).
We also want you to provide at least four current co-workers names, rank, and home address, and phone numbers.
In the Motor Vehicle Section, make sure you list every ticket you have ever had, even if it has been expunged, you were found not guilty, or give a PBJ. A certified driver’s record from every State you have ever held a driver’s license in is also required. You are to list every accident you have ever had, giving the dates, exact location and any other information available. If you can obtain a copy of the report, it would help.
In the section asking about arrests, we want ANY ARRESTS YOU HAVE EVER HAD IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. If you were found not guilty, given probation, or some other disposition, we still want the information giving the dates, locations, and actual charges. If you make false statements about arrests, your background investigation will be terminated.
In the Drug Usage Section, we want any illegal or legal drugs you have used in violation of Maryland, Local, or Federal Laws, the number of times used, method used, your age/s at the time of usage, or the years of usage.
The last thing you will do before you submit the PHS, is have the last page Notarized by a Notary. In doing this, you attest that all statements contained in the booklet are true and correct.
It is critical that you complete every section in this booklet honestly and completely in order to be successful in your endeavor to become an Anne Arundel County Police Officer.
If you have any questions about the preparation of the booklet or your background investigation, you should contact the following individuals between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday - Friday:
Senior Special Investigator Chanel Bastfield (410) 222-3156 (email:
Special Investigator Mr. Ashby Keen between (410) 222-8673
How to Apply:
  • We are not currently accepting applications at this time for the position of Entry Level Police Officers. Please register your name and cell phone number to be notified when the application process is open. 


  • We are currently accepting applications at this time for the position of Lateral Police Officer.  Please contact the Police Personnel Section at (410) 222-3156 or (410) 222-8673 for more information.  
What is the starting salary?
  • $44,156 per year.  Full pay and benefits start on the first day of training.
What does the application process consist of and how long does it take?
  • The application process consists of submission of an online application, a written test, an agility test, an oral panel interview, a polygraph examination, and a thorough background investigation. Applicants who have successfully completed these stages, will be given a conditional offer of employment and will be subject to physical and mental health assessments. A final offer of employment may be extended upon successful completion of the physical and mental health assessments. The entire application process is usually 5 – 6 months in duration.
How long is the Academy and will I have to live there?
  • The Police Academy training is 29 weeks and recruit officers do not live at the Academy. Training usually runs from 7am – 3pm, Monday through Friday; however, there will be adjustments to the schedule. 
  • Police Academy
 What does the agility test consist of?
  • All applicants will be required to successfully pass the agility test in orderorder to be considered for the position of police officer. The test consists of a 1.5 mile run, pushups (max amount in one minute), sit-ups (max amount in one minute). The agility test is age and gender based.
  • To determine what the passing standards are for you, please click here: Agility Test Requirements
Am I required to live in Anne Arundel County?
  • No, there is no residency requirement to become a police officer in Anne Arundel County. However, only officers who live in Anne Arundel County are eligible to participate in the take-home-car program (Personal Patrol Vehicle).
I missed the application process. When will you be hiring again?
  • The Anne Arundel County Police Department runs Academy classes based on department staffing levels, thus frequency is subject to change.
  • To be notified, by text message, when the next application period opens please click here: Text Alert
For questions, please call the Recruitment Hotline at (410) 222-8677 or email at

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